keep it simple ...

... please confirm a trade with me, before posting lots. ... always advise your mailing address - I no longer advance lots abroad , due to bad traders, who defaulted ... the best traders are honest and punctual ...

I exchange by 30gm letter post : 100+ stamps at a time ...

collectors who use detailed catalog-numbered wantlists... I will post lots to you on approval ... any accounting is yours to advise . please send 1:1 in return... I hope we will become repeat traders, and assist our mutual areas of philately .

a pdf list of trade-lots will be sent to known traders on request.   the posts ranked below - reflect my collecting interests.


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Miloje Chastven said...

"...bad traders ..... honest..." - to be fair, today it is difficult to find any "normal" collectors that keep promises and go with fair intention. recently have an very bad experience with one "honest" from Russia (Moscow) - in the end I'm left without ordered material and also without 180.00 e cash delivered by WU!

What to do? Probably to organize some site where we can mention this bad traders!

best regards to all